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About Us

Originally founded in 1979, the Bentley Reid Group remains dedicated to providing financial support and guidance to wealthy individuals and their families.

We have three core areas of expertise; tax & financial advice, investment management and trusteeship. Though some clients will come to us for one or two of these services, many benefit from a seamless integrated service that brings together all three disciplines. As life evolves, we aim to be the informed partner that you are confident and comfortable to consult on all financial matters.

Typically, clients approach us as they accumulate significant investable capital or their financial situation changes. Our clients are successful entrepreneurs, professionals and business people who have saved material capital during their working lives, sold businesses or inherited family wealth. The majority of our clients reside in Hong Kong, the UK or the Asia Pacific region; we advise a wide range of nationalities.

Though every client is different, our starting point is always the same. We invest time to achieve a clear understanding of a clients' circumstances, their preferences and goals. Only then can we start to create a tailored approach to suit their requirements.

Bentley Reid is owned by the Group's senior Executives and trusts that benefit the Bentley family. Employees do not receive short term rewards to sell Group services. Indeed, Executives invest alongside clients in the Bentley Reid funds at standard fee levels. We believe that the trust we enjoy from clients is based, in part, on our ability to demonstrate an absence of any potential conflict of interest.